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Leveraging our experience in corporate finance to preserve and grow the value of middle market companies

About us

We are a team of finance professionals with over 30 years of experience in business development and corporate finance in the US and Latin America. We have worked with multinational companies across various industries, leading teams and participating in transactions of over $20 billion.

Our expertise lies in understanding the business needs and using financial tools to provide actionable solutions while protecting the interests of shareholders and stakeholders. We are known for driving results, caring for our teams, and encouraging individuals to do their best work.

Management team

Alejandro Zuluaga

Alejandro is a seasoned finance professional and MBA with more than 30 years of experience in banking and corporate finance marked by his leadership in finance teams across various multi-billion companies in the US and Latin America. Throughout his career, Alejandro has led numerous treasury and cash management strategies, structured various corporate bond issuances and debt instruments, and participated in M&A transactions in the infrastructure, power and utilities, and road concessions industries. Additionally, in his role as CFO, he was instrumental in the integration process of multiple acquisitions undertaken by one of the largest infrastructure companies in Latin America, preparing the company for a successful merger to become one of the largest players in its industry in the US.

Laura Botero

Laura is a finance professional, MBA, and valuation expert with extensive experience in consulting at a Big 4 firm and corporate finance in the US and Latin America. She has led valuation analyses for various purposes, including global tax structures, purchase price allocations, and equity valuations for gift and estate matters for Fortune 500 multinational companies and portfolio companies of leading Private Equity firms. Laura's expertise also extends to treasury and financial planning and analysis, involving cash management strategies, capital structure and resource allocation analyses, modeling and project evaluation for capital-intensive ventures, corporate bond issuances, and short-term debt and investments portfolio management.

Our services

  • BTZL is a financial consulting firm. We bring our experience, tools and network to mid-size companies looking to grow their business, fund their growth plans, and create value that can be transferred to future generations, employees, or investors.

  • Our job is to support business owners and management teams in making well-informed decisions about resource allocation for profitable growth, and securing funding for their expansion, understanding their company’s value, and defining the steps to maximize that value.

  • We deliver quantifiable plans that provide our clients with a vision of how their strategy will impact the company’s financial results and the value of their company, and work alongside them and their teams to execute these plans. With over 30 years of experience in corporate finance across different industries in the United States and Latin America, our experienced team brings what your team needs.


Atlanta, GA

Miami, FL

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